Word In Motion Dance Studio

Word In Motion Dance Studio is a unique space that offers tailored dance sessions that meet the needs of our clientele as well as our faculty’s expertise and availability. Our dance sessions offer a range of classes and levels, great pricing options, and knowledgeable, caring instructors. By providing dance sessions, we are able to maintain a healthy training schedule for both students and faculty, while implementing class variety per session. We believe in creating a non- intimidating environment where all artists, no matter what age or skill level, have an opportunity to discover, delight, and discipline their gift of movement.

Life150 Church / Word In Motion Dance Studio
7624 Varna Ave.
North Hollywood, CA 91605

We are excited to announce that Word In Motion Dance Studio's vision has expanded; therefore, we are relaunching our space as "Conekt-LA Art Center"! Our official relaunch of Conekt-LA Art Center will be this August 2017. In order to help with the transition of our space as well as serve our community, we will have a selective class schedule starting June 12th. Please follow us on Instagram today: @Conekt_LA in order to stay up to date. We are looking forward to creating a space where we can now offer more dance opportunities along with acting, vocal, and more.

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Class Description

Cardio Dance Mix

This is a fun class geared towards fitness.  This class includes a mix of dance genres such as hip hop and latin, mixed with skills and drills.  A typical class may include cardio, strengthening & toning, and stretch.


This class can have such a vast description due to the various styles of contemporary. Some may be more of a Jazz Contemporary, Lyrical Contemporary, or even a more Urban Contemporary feel. (Please see above descriptions for Jazz, Lyrical, and Hip Hop.) This class may include identifiable classical terminology to raw/ organic movement depending on the instructor.

Hip Hop

This class will address grooves, musicality, weight distribution, demeanor of body and techniques according to instructorʼs personal style. As expected, Hip Hop is typically instructed to Hip Hop music; however, classes such as Hip Hop (Soul) may incorporate an R&B feel, while others use more of a pop sound.


This form of dance is freestyle driven with an emphasis on footwork. Our class concentrates on the foundational groove, moves, technique, as well as style. Students will have an opportunity to practice movement through exercises, variations, as well as execute choreography that implements our instructorʼs personal style.


It includes stylized choreography in classical and contemporary forms. However, each instructor continues to teach jazz techniques, addressing terminology, musicality, body lines, placement and rhythmic execution within their personal style. A typical class may include warm-up, conditioning, across the floor, and combination.


This class can combine ballet, jazz, and modern elements. This form in essence draws on the lyrics of the music, conveying a message or creating a story through dynamic movement. The moves are choreographed based on the intent of the lyrics; therefore, students practice grace, strength and control. Lyrical styles range from classical techniques to pure organic movement.

Technique (Ballet/ Jazz)

This class develops and prepares the body for technical skills such as pirouettes, battements, jumps, and more. Students will develop healthy turn out from the hips, flexibility and proper placement of oneʼs center, spine, upper body & arms.

Childrenʼs Creative Movement

These classes have been designed to develop motor skills, coordination and self confidence. Children will learn basic techniques, begin to develop flexibility and learn body/arm placement. Elements of ballet, jazz, and hip hop will be instructed in their respected classes. These classes are nurturing, involving storytelling and imagination, encouraging growth as a dancer as well as an individual.

Word In Motion Company Class

Word in Motion Ministry class concentrates on developing dancers for ministry work. Thursday classes begin with a 15 min. devotional followed by an urban style such as hip hop or house. The Saturday class is devoted to Lyrical/ Contemporary movement. Classes are open to non-company members; however, please note that these classes are catered to the needs of the company and some classes may be devoted to material for an upcoming performance. Classes are under the direction of company directors Pastors Tymme and Aury Reitz; however, classes may also be taught by other company members.