WIM Discipleship Program

Our generation is ready for an outpouring through the arts, and more than ever, God is utilizing dance as a divine way to prophetically display His glory, and express the beauty and power of His Kingdom. If this mandate is your passion and calling, if you desire to make Jesus visible through your artistry, or if you simply want to sharpen your skill level in dance while receiving personal, spiritual growth, then we invite you to apply for our next WORD IN MOTION DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAM.

Please read The Program section in its entirety in order to understand what actions you must take and what you must agree upon before moving forward. Once you have read the applicable requirements, you can then submit an application for the WORD IN MOTION DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAM by filling out the form below.

(If you are interested in becoming a Word In Motion Dance Ministry member, please email us at info@wordinmotion.com to receive information on what is required.)

Pastors Tymme & Aury Reitz
Elder Misty RasconSmith

The Program

To participate in this program you must be 18 or older.

August 19th-October 29th
(Orientation is on August 19th at 1pm)

Tuition is $400 if payment is made in 2 installments ($200 on August 19th and $200 on September 23rd).  Or you can receive a $50 discount if you pay $350 in full on or before August 19th, 2017.


  • You must complete 30 Dance Studio classes. (If you take any additional classes during the program it will be discounted at $7 per class)
  • Core-Discipleship Lecture and Dance Sessions with WIM leaders on most Saturday’s from 10am-12pm or Thursday’s from 7:30pm-9pm. Sessions will include biblical impartation, spiritual training and activation, personal counseling, and dance classes for Discipleship Program Students only.

Please complete the Word In Motion Discipleship Program application below.